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Estimation and the ‘Value’ of Points

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Estimation and points is one of those topics where if I get into it I can rant/talk/discuss for hours. People who I work with no doubt know my views on how much ‘value’ I think estimation brings so I thought I would share my views with everyone to see if I can be convinced to change my view.

Value Driven Development

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been spending time looking at Agile best practices and reviewing some of the things I have been learning about implementing ‘Lean’. Often people look just at the standard things development teams do such as TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behavior-driven Development) but I think these are part of a wider aim which ties into the notion of delivering ‘Value’ called ‘Value Driven Development’.

A Day of Change

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Today for me has been a day of change, I decided that my current development environment was holding me back so I decided to look at updating my development stack.

Back to Basics - the Agile Manifesto

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Every now and again I feel its right to look backwards as well as forwards to see just how much things have changed from when I first started writing code back in the glory days of 1993. I’ve not had to think about it in a very long time but last weekend I spent some time reminding myself of the Agile Manifesto

Drupal 8 Alpha 2 - First Thoughts

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Today I decided to take another look at where Drupal has gotten to with its next major release (version 8). For interested parties you can download it from Drupal 8 Alpha 2 during its early development I followed with anticipation some of the major initialtives behind what they wanted to acheive with this next version.

Goodbye Wordpress

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So I’ve finally taken the leap, after playing with Octopress for a while I have decided to move my blog from Wordpress which has looked after it for 3 years quite sucessfully.

My Wordpress 4.0 Wishlist

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I’ve been pondering for a while what I would like to see in a major new version of Wordpress.

Yes there are the constant updates such as the upcoming Wordpress 3.6 but whilst these features are nice it does feel a little bit like painting the house but ignoring the big crack in the foundations.

Managing Wordpress Plugins Using Composer

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I’ve written a few posts already and I’m sure to be writing many more on the subject of getting Wordpress to work in at large company, we’ve been working hard to make Wordpress a platform which we can manage through the Dev/QA/Stage/Live process with the minimum of effort and fuss on behalf of the developer.