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Simple Wordpress Caching Plugin

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I was hoping to spend this weekend doing nothing but playing Xbox and vegetating in front of the television but unfortunately Amazon let me down and my games weren’t delivered, this means that I have some time that I wasn’t expecting to have.

Using a Freelance Developer? - Buyer Beware

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I’ve seen the story played a hundred times over, you download some software to power your website, blog, shop or you click the ‘1-click installer’ to get it up and running and then it hits you.

You’ve never even written a line of code before and you don’t have the time to learn how so can you get from what is provided out of the box and into what you want it to look or function like?

Investigating Drupal 7 Performance

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I’ve recently being doing some work looking into some performance issues when running a site using Drupal 7. I’ve not really spent much time using Drupal for quite a few months and barely even looking at Drupal 7 until now as most of my other sites were all based on Drupal 6.

Stop Caring About the Environment

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One of the things which has bitten me more than once as a developer is when pushing code from development to QA / Staging / Production and suddenly something doesn’t work the same way. I then spend then next 2 hours trying to figure out what went wrong.

Stop Nagging Me

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Something which strikes me being a user of both Wordpress and Drupal is the different approach taken by the plugin/module developers for each of the platforms.

Is “Enterprise Wordpress” an Oxymoron?

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I’ve heard many different arguments to this question over the last couple of years but its only recently where I’ve looked into this into more detail myself to see just how difficult it is to make it work in a non-conventional workflow

The Great Theme Move

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One of the things I was very keen on doing whilst building a Wordpress site which I had to run on a platform which could be considered non-standard in the Wordpress world. See my earlier blog post for details was to move themes outside of the wp-content folder, this was so that I could point wp-content to a network file system which was shared across multiple servers whilst maintaining the ability to have version control over my themes.

Stop Writing to Yourself

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One of the frustrations I’ve come across recently when trying to deploy Wordpress in an enterprise environment is plugins which attempt to write content or debugging to the same folder they sit in, namely the “plugins” folder.

Welcome to Wordpress

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Its been a while since I blogged last and thought it was about time to rectify that, I’ve got so many subjects I want to blog about I just don’t have enough time to get around to doing it.