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Goodbye Wordpress

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So I’ve finally taken the leap, after playing with Octopress for a while I have decided to move my blog from Wordpress which has looked after it for 3 years quite sucessfully.

The migration was fairly painfree, apart from the fixing of a few posts which failed to convert and also going through and finding any embedded vidoes or galleries and fixing those.

To do it I used the Exitwp script (YMMV) which took an export file generated by my Wordpress installation and transformed the content into Markdown and also into the correct format for Octopress. Then it was just a matter of configuration and tweaking to get everything right.

There was no particular reason for me to move and I’ve done it purely so I can spend time looking at things such as Ruby and Jekyll and to also stoke my inner geek a little.

This is currently in the transition phase and I know there are a number of things which are currently broken but I’m going to work through all of these soon to get this running smoothly again.

I will also add some more details on how the migration was done and any tweaks I end up making.

Feedback is as always appreciated!