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Welcome to Wordpress

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Its been a while since I blogged last and thought it was about time to rectify that, I’ve got so many subjects I want to blog about I just don’t have enough time to get around to doing it.

One thing I’ve been working with a lot recently is Wordpress and apart from my personal blog, I’ve not really had much to do with it before, the last few months have changed that quite dramatically as I’ve been working to make Wordpress deployable in what could easily be called a non-standard environment.

This placed a number of requirements on the project including

  • Site should be developed using git with Wordpress setup as a git submodule

  • Move wp-content folder outside of the Wordpress folder

  • Moving themes and plugins outside of wp-content

  • Making wp-content point to an NFS file share

  • Support different domains between live/qa/stage

  • Using Phing to setup dev environment and deal with preparing the code for packaging

Some of these were fairly easy to work out, some took some experimentation and reading deep into the Wordpress codebase as quite often the error messages you get back are less than helpful, one which springs to mind is the wonderful

Cheating Huh?

Nothing quite like doing something wrong and then having to walk through the source-code to find out what is actually going on.

I think I finally have a solution which makes it simple to work on a Wordpress site with a proper development environment and which also works with the production environment I need to use, I am hoping to blog some of my solutions, whilst there is a lot of information out there its often out of date or only works under specific circumstances or doesn’t quite explain the full picture.

I’ll be writing my first post about moving themes and plugins outside of the wp-content folder in the next few days, shortly after a post about plugins which attempt to write to themselves which is a constant source of frustration.

I am hoping that my findings are useful to at least one other person out there, if thats the case then my work is done.

Stay Tuned!