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Windows Live Writer

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During my recent trip to Switzerland for Jump in Camp I was discussing blogging and how I found it too time consuming to get the longer blog posts written using an online interface. Then Josh Holmes informed me about a really cool tool he uses called Windows LIve Writer.

This is a desktop tool which integrates really nicely with a number of different blogging platforms including Wordpress which I am using for my blog. I have now been using this for a few days to write various blog posts and I have to admit its pretty awesome!

I would recommend it for anyone who wants to blog efficiently and easily whilst offline, a simple button click when you have connectivity and the post is submitted to your blog using XML-RPC.

The only thing missing is a module for Drupal 7 and if this isn’t forthcoming I may put some code where my mouth is and contribute a plugin so Drupal users can also benefit from this really cool tool.